Reduce your Propecia cost by choosing a Canadian Pharmacy

Just as hair loss is on the rise these days, so is the popularity of hair loss pill Propecia. Propecia can almost be seen in every household in the recent times because more and more men are becoming victims of male pattern baldness. Such men can find solace with the fact that the high price of Propecia that is burning holes in their wallets can easily be lowered by picking online pharmacies and in specific Canadian online pharmacies.

How can a Canadian pharmacy help lower Propecia costs?

You might actually be puzzled with this question because it is natural to think the prices in all online pharmacies will more or less be the same. It is actually not true especially for countries like Canada. The health care system in Canada in centralized which means that the government monitors the prices of prescription medication including Propecia. The same companies that supply Propecia in the United States reduce their prices in Canada because the government bargains with the companies to lower the prices. That is the main reason why online pharmacies in Canada are able to offer Propecia at a low price.

The unit price of Propecia 1 mg in the United States across most major retail outlets is $4. Whereas the unit price of Propecia 1 mg in Canadian pharmacies is $1.86. This is the cheapest price one can buy brand Propecia. The costs savings are around 60% which is quite significant. As Propecia is a pill that is intended for a long term use, a cost saving that is this high will be highly beneficial in the long-run.

Aside from these advantages, a Canadian online pharmacy can also be great in lowering the shipping costs when compared other far off pharmacies such as UK pharmacies or offshore pharmacies. Propecia 1 mg in a Canadian pharmacy is also of the high-quality as these pharmacies are approved by the legitimate health authority boards similar to the FDA. Canada is known to have one of the best heath care systems hence the fear of quality of Propecia can be eliminated from your mind completely.

Points to bear mind before buying Propecia in a Canadian pharmacy

Although a Canadian pharmacy is always safe, if you are picking a one, you must be very careful because there are many bogus websites that masquerade themselves as Canadian pharmacies. This is usually done to cash into the popularity of Canadian drugstores. This is also an easy way for counterfeit pharmacies to make people trust them, so you must conduct your verification checks before picking a Canadian online pharmacy to place your order for Propecia. Additionally, in the initial stages, you can order a sample amount to test the site for its authenticity. Although this way will waste the money you spend on shipping costs and high unit price for Propecia, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your health. You can also look for VIPPS seal on websites to verify their legitimacy. After this verification, you can stick with the same online pharmacy to place your refill orders as well.