Merchant fills the prescription through an online questionnaire, is it legal?

Yes, it is legal. An online doctor not only checks the questionnaire but also analyze the medical reports of the patient. On adding to that, they would not prescribe a medication if they are not genuinely in need of it.

Online pharmacy merchants say that they can ship the drugs to any part of the globe, is that true?

A legitimate mail order pharmacy does ship the medications to their customers who reside in different parts of the world. Some pharmacies have to concentrate on doing business in only a few countries.

Merchants mention that US residents can get a medication supply for 90 days in a legal way, is this correct?

Yes, the United States allow their citizens to get the medication for a period of 3 months from an over the net drug store. But there are many guidelines in that. Some of them are mentioned here. The person should have undergone a treatment in some other country. The drug is not available in the US.

Online pharmacy merchants say the drug offered by them are authentic, is this true?

Yes, when a person is buying medication online from a reputed site then it is possible to get pills with top class quality. A legitimate online pharmacy would only source quality prescription drugs from approved drug manufacturing companies.

Why the price of the medication online is very less?

A merchant does not have high overhead costs like salesmen, physical storage, and third parties. There is a straight dealing between the medical store and the customer hence there would be low overhead cost. This is the reason why the price of the medication is very less in a mail order pharmacy.

Merchant says that they have a license to sell medications, can we believe it?

If you see the VIPPS seal at the bottom of the website then you can believe that they have the license to offer the drugs to the customers. This license seal would differ from one country to another.

Are all online pharmacies genuine?

No, not all the mail order pharmacies are legitimate. There are also many counterfeit sites on the internet. Knowing the right way to select the website would avoid the issues caused by selecting the counterfeit one. Check out Canadian pharmacy reviews in buzzpharmacy.net to find the right store for your medication needs.

Can they offer medications without a prescription?

A drugstore is not allowed to sell the drugs without a medical script. All they do is they provide an online doctor prescription using which one can order the drug. But, counterfeit usually offer pills without one and it would only increase the risk of getting affected by any ill effects.

Online pharmacy merchant can also run an offline store?

Yes, this is possible. For example, you can see the traditional brick and mortar store of Walmart and also as an over the net medical store. Choosing these can reduce the risk of you opting for a disrepute site.

Online pharmacies claim that they accept coupons for a medication, is this true?

Some mail order pharmacies accept the coupons for a drug and others do not. There are also sites that provide you with a coupon.

Is it possible to get more offers and discounts?

It is possible to get offers and the discounts through a mail order pharmacy. To last in the competition they provide these and all people will be eligible to make use of it.

Online pharmacy merchants bear the cost of shipping charge or customers need to pay for it?

They would only lessen the shipping price for the package. However, in the end, it is the customers who have to pay for the delivery charge. Those who want to reduce the cost can take so many measures before paying for the medication.

Do all merchants follow the same policies?

No, each mail order pharmacy would follow the policies that are framed by their country.