Prescription medications online from Canadian pharmacy

It is technically not legal to get your prescription medications online from a Canadian pharmacy if you are the citizen of United States. But, this is not apt for all the medications as the FDA allows certain drugs to be imported to the country. There are even strict rules that are framed by the FDA for the medications that are imported to the United States. Let us now look in detail about getting your prescription medication from a reputed Canadian online pharmacy legally.

What kind of medications can be bought legally from Canadian pharmacy?

  • There are chances that a patient would have got treatment in some other country and it is not possible to get the drugs that are prescribed by the doctor in the United States. In this case, you can import the necessary drugs from an online Canadian pharmacy (1). You can buy medications that are needed for you for up to the period of three months.
  • Those medications that are taken in order to treat serious medical conditions are also eligible to be imported to the U.S.
  • When a medication that does not cause health risks or hazards to the patients, it can be bought from an online Canadian pharmacy.
  • There are few medications that might be commercially unavailable or it is not marketed in United States and these kinds of drugs can also be imported through a reputed Canadian pharmacy.

According to the personal Importation policy, medications that follow the above criteria can be imported.

What kind of medications a reputed online pharmacy offers?

The drugs that are sold by a legitimate online pharmacy would be in authentic quality because the Canadian government ensures that the medications are formulated only according to a certain method. The drugs that a Canadian pharmacy sells would not create health risks or hazards to the people who are taking it. Due to the strict rules that prevail in Canada, you are assured with genuine medications that produce a therapeutic effect on the body. It is very safe for the patients to take the drugs that a reputed Canadian online pharmacy offers to their customers.

Should you buy drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy?

You can definitely buy drugs from a Canadian online pharmacy if you have a prescription. Even if the customs get your package, they would send you a message through a mail or letter. You have to contact the FDA regarding the shipment. They would ask a prescription for the medications that you have ordered from a Canadian online pharmacy. Now, you can produce your prescription to them and get your medication package. If you are not able to produce the prescription within 30 days, The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have the right to dispose the medications according to a law.  If you have any questions regarding whether a particular drug can be imported to the US or not, you can visit to the FDA website to clear your questions as well as safely buying medication online from a Canadian pharmacy.

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Why Canadian pharmacies outperform other online pharmacies?

Online pharmacy world is burgeoning rapidly with many companies keen to tap into the great business potential existing in the online pharmaceutical world. Many internet stores run head to head so as to provide their customers with the best service. Since millions of people are now turning towards getting their medicines online most of these sites are performing very well. However, Canadian pharmacies have become the cream of the crop due to certain reasons, some of which we intend to discuss below.

Competitive prices

The price, at which they make medicines available, is much lower than the pharmacies operating from the USA. With a lower price and no compromise on the quality, consumers can use their medicine without splitting them into half or run out of their vital medicines. They do not even need to cut down on their other necessities like groceries in order to be able to afford the medication. The cost savings can be as high as 49 % when one chooses a Canadian pharmacy. But many people wonder if ordering from websites is safe. It is absolutely safe and legal to get medicines from virtual stores that are legitimate and are approved by the Canadian international pharmacy association. Research shows that many online stores are genuine and they do sell drugs much cheaper than their offline counterparts.

Prompt Delivery

Most Canadian pharmacies have a prime goal to deliver the customers products without any delay. They also have an additional feature enabled on their website which is an online tracker. With the help of this tracker, the customers can track their orders on real-time. If the consignment gets misplaced or a damaged product gets delivered due to some unfortunate situation, then most drugstores will take the responsibility of redelivering the products free of cost. Upon a customer’s request, the consignment can also be packed without displaying any medicine information on top of it. This way if someone intends to make a purchase without disclosing their medicinal details to any person, they can do so very easily. Hence the formula of success of Canada-based drugstore is the right combination of price, quality, and service.

Excellent customer support

This is one of the prime reasons why Canadian pharmacies are chosen when compared to other pharmacies. When it comes to buying medication online there are many hesitations that hold a person back. All the reluctance usually pertains to the safety, delivery, and usage of the medicine. They also might have doubts about whether they are the right people to consume a certain medicine. Hence to find a solution to all their queries customers look for a good customer support team than can patiently dispel all their inhibitions. This is what Canadian stores are doing perfectly thereby growing a large customer base exponentially. For most queries, they provide a prompt reply and also have a copy of all the customer queries so they can provide quick assistance even during any future inquiries.

How to identify an authentic Canadian pharmacy?

Many foreign pharmacies that claim to be a Canadian online pharmacy are actually operating from a different place and do not deliver the products from Canada. In fact claiming to be a Canadian store is one of the hallmarks of internet pharmacies. But how do your ensure you find the right one? Follow the guidelines released by the FDA in order to identify an authentic site. It does not mean to say that all stores operating from Canada are illegal.


It is just that the possibility one existing is quite high. Counterfeits have many ways to deceive their customers, for example, some do not deliver any products after the payment is made while other just deliver a placebo or sugar pill in the place of the real thing. Hence before buying from a mail order pharmacy consider the following points.

  • Evaluate if the pharmacy is approved by the Canadian pharmacy association.
  • Check for a physical address and contact number on the online pharmacy website.
  • As much as possible try not to buy medications without a prescription.
  • Check if the privacy policy and security policy are easily understandable and try to check for any possible loopholes.

Although it possesses great risks, FDA approves the purchase of drugs from international pharmacies but only for individual use. The legal limit for buying the medicines would be 90 pills on an average. This amounts to roughly a month’s supply. But FDA does put a tight leash on importing controlled substances from foreign countries.